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Night Snorkeling

The big reason to go snorkeling at night is because you get to see many things that you can't during the day. Plus, it is just exciting.


Many creatures are out feeding at night that are not around during the day at all. Eels and octopus, lobsters and shrimp are all much more active at night.

We organize night snorkelling trips on request. Any day of the week is good for snorkelling at night depending on the weather condition.

Lucky Manta Trip

This is a great adventure, we have many different sites where manta rays come to feed and clean in Baa Atoll. On this trip we travel to find manta rays in different manta points. Our aim is to explore all the possibilities to find and snorkel with the gentle giants.

Hanifaru Snorkeling

We are in a truly privileged location in that it overlooks the world famous Hanifaru Bay. Here, from June to November, hundreds of manta rays congregate to feed on the wealth of phytoplankton that gets trapped in the bay. For those who visit during that season, a visit to see this outstanding natural phenomenon is simply a must!

We organize the daily trips to Hanifaru Bay depending on the current movement and other factors.

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Snorkeling trips

There are plenty of incredible snorkelling sites near Dharavandhoo and our excursion boat visits them daily. Here, you’ll be able to observe an abundance of aquatic life, ranging from tiny shrimps to big pelagic fish. Reefs are often shallow and you can observe wonderful variations in coral species, such as large table corals, brain corals etc…

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Turtle Reef

Turtle Reef is located just 15 minutes from Dharavandhoo and hosts both Hawksbill Turtles and Green Turtles. They can be seen feeding on the algae and soft corals almost every day. Turtle Reef never ceases to amaze us and in our opinion has the most marine bio-diversity of any reef on Baa Atoll. The abundance of fish at this site is truly outstanding.

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